Learning Through play

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Cochrane Creative Playschool

When will my child attend classes?

CCPS classes commence in September with a staggered entry.  CCPS follows the Rocky View School Division Calendar to determine holidays and runs through to the end of June.  There is a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of eight per class

Four-Year-Old Program: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings 9am-11:30am

Three-Year-Old Program: 

Tuesday/Thursday mornings 9am-11:30am

How Much Does it Cost?

2019-20 Tuition Fees

Three-Year-Old Class: Our two day a week program costs $125/month.
Four-Year-Old Class:   Our three day a week program costs $160/month.

Payment Schedule
Cheques are deposited the first of every month, for a total of ten cheques. This excludes Sept. 1 which is replaced by Aug. 1. Families also have the option of writing monthly cheques or one cheque (Aug. 1).  Here is a guide to our 2019/20 Fee Schedule for further clarification.

In addition we require:

  • One non-refundable cheque for $35 for registration
  • One undated cheque for $50 as a volunteer bond which will be cashed if your volunteer commitment is not met
  • One undated cheque for $150 as a fundraising bond which will be cashed if your fundraising commitment is not reached (the difference of amount earned and the $150)
  • All cheques must be submitted at the time of registration to secure your child's place.